Dog Bathing

Dog Grooming Salon & Spa in Arlington, TX

At Pet Resort in the Gardens, we provide a comprehensive grooming & spa experience for you and your dog. Our specially-trained groomers have experience with all breeds and personalities, and aim to give you fully-individualized service.

Our Dog Bathing and Spa Services

Our highly-trained and passionate groomers seek to form relationships with you and your pet so we can predict your specific needs. Groomers are available to give a consultation before your appointment.

  • Dog Grooming. This complete service consists of a bath, blow-drying by hand, ear cleaning, nail trim, external anal gland expression, and your chosen haircut. A spritz of doggie cologne and a bow or bandana top it off.
  • Dog Bathing. A premium bath includes ear cleaning, blow-drying by hand, brushing, a spritz of doggie cologne, and a light trim of the face, feet & tail if requested.
Dog being bathed

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Grooming prices vary by breed and size. Call for more details.

Spa Treatments

Our menu of special spa treatments can complement your groom/bath or be chosen a-la-carte.

  • Pedicure with “Paw-lish”
  • Facials to remove tear stains
  • Specialty shampoos
  • Paw balm treatment
  • Nose conditioner
  • Massage
  • De-matting

Health Benefits of Dog Grooming at Pet Resort in the Gardens

Grooming does more than make your dog look and smell fresh. It’s a vital part of maintaining his happiness and health.

  • It’s key to health & comfort. Regular grooming keeps your dog’s coat clean, light, and comfortable. Plus, part of the grooming process is a screening for any health abnormalities.
  • Regular nail trims are necessary. Nails need to be trimmed routinely to prevent discomfort. When allowed to grow freely, long nails can disrupt your dog’s posture and foot structure.
  • Reduces shedding. A groomer’s specialized tools are designed to clean the multiple layers of fur many dogs have. Maintaining these inner layers clears out loose fur, reducing shedding.