Dog Bathing

Dog Bathing Salon & Spa in Arlington, TX

Our highly trained and passionate spa staff at Pet Resort in the Gardens seek to form relationships with you and your pet so we can predict your specific needs. We use premium products and tools designed for healthy, happy dogs. Add a spa appointment to your pet’s lodging or daycare visit!

Some of our Dog Spa services include:

  • Premium and basic bath packages
  • All-natural shampoos and conditioners
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trims
  • External anal gland expression
Dog being bathed

Schedule Your Dog's Spa Appointment Today

Spa and dog bathing services pricing varies by breed and size. Call for more details.

Spa Treatments

Our menu of special spa treatments can complement your spa or bath appointment or be chosen a-la-carte.

  • Facials to remove tear stains
  • Specialty shampoos
  • Paw balm treatment
  • Nose conditioner
  • Massage

Health Benefits of Dog Bathing at Pet Resort in the Gardens

Dog Bathing does more than make your dog look and smell fresh. It’s a vital part of maintaining his happiness and health.

  • It’s key to health & comfort. Regular bathing keeps your dog’s coat clean, light, and comfortable. Plus, part of the bathing process is a screening for any health abnormalities.
  • Regular nail trims are necessary. Nails need to be trimmed routinely to prevent discomfort. When allowed to grow freely, long nails can disrupt your dog’s posture and foot structure.
  • Reduces shedding. A Dog Bather’s specialized tools are designed to clean the multiple layers of fur many dogs have. Maintaining these inner layers clears out loose fur, reducing shedding.

Vaccination and Health Requirements for Dog Bathing Services

For the health and safety of our canine guests and care team members, we require the following medical protocol: 

  • Rabies 1 or 3 yr
  • DHPP 1 or 3 yr
  • Bordetella within 1 yr
  • Both strains of the Canine Influenza (H3N8 & H3N2) within 1 yr
  • Puppies must be current on age appropriate booster vaccines. Puppies less than 16 weeks of age require approval by Farrell Animal Hospital veterinarians.

Vaccinations less than 6 months past due, may be updated upon arrival by our on-site veterinarians during a Pet Resort stay. Vaccinations which have never been administered previously or which are more than 6 months past due, require a 7 day waiting period before the pet is allowed into the facility.


Please also note the following health requirements:

  • Pets showing signs of illness will not be allowed to enter the premises.
  • Pets recently rescued from a shelter or foster may require a 3 week waiting period.
  • Pets exhibiting aggression toward people or other pets may not be allowed, but will be assessed individually prior to scheduling.

Schedule Your Dog's Spa Appointment Today

Spa and dog bathing services pricing varies by breed and size. Call for more details.

Dog Bathing FAQs